Assessing Online Learning: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities

This special report features ten articles from Online Classroom that may cause you to examine your current methods of online assessment, and perhaps add something new to your assessment toolbox. This report even talks about some of the common assessment mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Here’s the list of articles:

  • Four Typical Online Learning Assessment Mistakes
  • Authentic Experiences, Assessment Develop Online Students’ Marketable Skills
  • Assessing Whether Online Learners Can DO: Aligning Learning Objectives with Real-world Applications
  • Strategies for Creating Better Multiple-Choice Tests
  • Assessing Student Learning Online: It’s More Than Multiple Choice
  • To Plan Good Online Instruction, Teach to the Test
  • Using Self-Check Exercises to Assess Online Learning
  • Assessment for the Millennial Generation
  • Self-Assessment in Online Writing Course Focuses Students on the Learning Process
  • Using Online Discussion Forums for Minute Papers

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