Changing the maximum file size for assignment submissions

Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

As they submit assignments, my students may be uploading some large files in Moodle. How can I be sure that they will not get a message which tells them that their file is too large?  This happened to some of my students last term and they became very anxious.

Hoping you can help me,

Professor Justin (Just) Szo

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ANSWER: Dear Professor Szo:

There are several places where the maximum file size of submissions can be set.  The first is at the system level, which you don’t have to do anything about.  However, until recently the default maximum file size for submissions was set at 1 MB. So, if you have a course created in Winter 2013 or earlier, then maximum file size may be a concern for you. If you create (not copy) assignments  after this then the default maximum size of  assignment submissions will automatically be set to  10 MB.  This is large enough for most student work.  NOTE: Student videos (which are very large)  should not be submitted using an Assignment activity.   Instead, use the Kaltura Video Assignment Activity if you want students to submit videos.

But, back to  your question.

If you need to change the maximum file size  for assignment submissions, here’s how. Select Assignment from the Add an activity pull down menu. Even though the example shows Upload a single file assignment this works the same way  for Advanced uploading of files.








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