Closed Captioning for Video Needed

Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

 One of my students has told me she needs closed captioning on the videos I have included in my online class.  What should I do to provide these?

 Desperately Seeking Captions,

Miss Heard

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 I’m glad you asked this question!

There are a few things you should consider.

First, is this video one of your own recordings? If you have created your own videos, generally your video editing software allows you to add captions. Or, if your own video has been uploaded to YouTube, then here’s a  way to add captions to YouTube videos.

If the video is not your own,  determine whether the video already includes closed captions. This article can help you when working with YouTube and captions. Other video providers, such as TED talks include  closed captions on all videos.

But what about the situation where you have included a non-captioned video to your class and you do not own the video? There are several services that will add captions to any video (whether you own it or not), for a cost, or will allow you to add the captions yourself, for free. It’s best to check with Educational Technology if you have a question on a specific video.

Here are examples of a non-captioned video and the same one, captioned, from Amara, one of these services.

Video Not Captioned (in English)

English Captions from Amara

Best, Dr. Tech-Know

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