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Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

 I want to add images to my Moodle course, but I am nervous about copyright issues.  How can I be sure that I have permission to use a particular image in my course? I don’t want to break the law.


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 I’m glad you asked this question! The “bad news” is that images found on the web are automatically copyrighted, so you cannot use an image just because it is found online.  

BUT, the “good news” is that many creators and photographers have already given permission for their work to be used.  We have created some  pages in the Faculty Resource Center  that include links to sites where free images are available.

 Free Clip Art Sites

 Sites for Free Images

In these pages you will find links to many sites and you will see examples of how to cite your sources.  Even though these images are free to use most creators still want credit. And, it is important to model this for your students too.

Best, Dr. Tech-Know

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