Course Evaluation Rubric (Post-Launch)

Much like the pre-launch course evaluation rubric to evaluate your course before the start of the term, it is equally as important to evaluate your course while it is live.  This rubric is a tool to help faculty review their online & hybrid courses after the start of the course.  Specifically to :

  1. Review online/hybrid courses within a context of clear standards set by the College—in other words, know what the transparent goals are for a quality online course at GSC. 
  2. Benefit from the advice and support of Academic Affairs and/or the College’s Instructional Design Team.
  3. Place student feedback and feedback from hiring administrators into a supportive framework, fostering honest assessment and valuing lifelong learning by all faculty.

download arrow  Download rubric (updated 3/25/14) here:   Course Evaluation Rubric-Post Launch 

For help using the rubric see the following documentation:

1.1 Syllabus

If you made changes to your syllabus, be sure to update the version in your Moodle course (See: Adding a file (link opens in a new window)

1.2 Gradebook

The gradebook in Moodle provides students with quick and easy access to their own grades and progress in your course.  If you haven’t already done so, it is critical that your gradebook is set up to reflect the grading criteria you have outlined in your syllabus.  Review the Gradebook Basics.  If you have questions about the Moodle gradebook, request instructional design support here

1.3 Module Organization and Functionality

 After the course goes live, it is not unusual to add additional new and relevant content to your course.   The organization of content should follow the same design principles used when first creating your course which aid in the ease of use and navigation from the students’ perspective.

The main topic area is the section that remains at the top of the course at all times.  It cannot be collapsed.  This is “prime real estate” as students will always see this section before moving on to the current module.  For this reason, it is important that this main topic area remain current and concise to minimize excessive scrolling on the students’ part.  (See The Scroll of Death and Course Navigation.)  If images are used in this section, it is important that the images are optimized and scaled to a smaller size as to not take up too much space.

Announcements (aka the News Forum) is a critical communications tool for faculty.   Important course announcements and updates should be posted here.  At a minimum, faculty should be posting at least once a week.  (See resources in next section.) 

2.0 Interaction, Communication & Engagement

3.0  Assessment of students’ work

4.0  Course Technology

5.0 Universal Design

Universal design goes beyond simply complying with ADA regulations.  It is an approach that extends the standard design principles to include people of all ages and ability. 


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