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As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one

GSC has a long history of supporting faculty with the development of courses particularly in the online environment which dates back to 1999 when the college offered its first three online courses!  Instructors have a wealth of experience in the classroom and with their subject matter.  But when it comes to teaching online, using educational technologies to supplement a face-to-face (F2F) course and general web design and usability, there is a lot to know.  This could range from the purely technical (How come the students cannot see their grades I just posted?) to the more strategic and intentional course design and online learning theory (How can I use this video to engage the students in a more dynamic online discussion?)

The Instructional Design Team works collaboratively with faculty in a team approach to build and deliver the highest quality online courses possible.  This process typically begins 2-3 months prior to the start of the term to allow for adequate interaction between the instructor and the instructional designer as well as time for resource development.  In the end, the instructor will have a well-designed course providing students with a rich and engaging learning experience, a critical component for all courses offered at the college.

 To this end, we have developed Course Review Checklists which will provide guidance regarding the required components for GSC courses in Moodle including ADA and copyright compliance.  It is best for faculty to become familiar with these checklists prior to working on their courses.   This also provides faculty with time to reach out to the instructional design team if they need additional support while working on their courses.  There are 2 different review checklists depending on the course delivery format:

 Approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of the term, all courses will be reviewed to ensure they are ready when they are made available to students.  (A half-finished course gives the wrong impression to students. See Is Your Course Ready?)  Faculty will receive feedback if additional updates and edits are needed.

Faculty who have had their course reviewed generally find the feedback helpful.  In the end, having an extra set of eyes on your course inevitably helps to improve the course…proving that two heads ARE better than one!

 Request Instructional Design Support

To request Instructional Design support submit a help request at IT Support.  Choose “Moodle: Instructional Design Support” from the drop-down menu under “How can we help you?”

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