Create interactive images with

Here’s is an amazing webtool for building an interactive still image without using Dreamweaver or manual HTML page building.

Login to to – it’s FREE! – and acquire an image by either uploading, linking to Flickr, or linking to an existing URL. Then add hotspots with comments and links. Copy/paste YouTube video links to add a video component to it.

When you are done, share it with a link or embed code in your course.

Watch the demo YouTube video for how it works:

This would be useful for individual or group assignments – and for more than just geography topics, like in the demo video. This strategy could work on a number of different levels of learning (from low to high):

  • Identifying features of an image
  • Classifying, explaining, categorizing, tagging, annotating features
  • Uploading, sharing, editing
  • Comparing, organizing, attributing, linking
  • Hypothesizing, collaborating
  • Designing, producing, publishing

Here are some commercial examples.

Interested in this for your course? Need some help getting started?  Awesome! That’s what we’re here for!

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