Thinking RED: a Guide to Critical Thinking

Students are overwhelmingly embracing Granite State College’s new “RED” model to think more critically and transfer the learning they acquire to everyday applications in the real world. This new model is being used in GSC’s general education critical inquiry courses such as CRIT501, CRIT502, and other GSC courses. The “RED” Keys to Critical Thinking Model focuses on an easy to understand, remember, and transferable method of learning: recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions.

Students are applying the “RED” model in deeper ways than expected.


Tamara Von George, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, “One of the highlights of the course was hearing about the ways in which students practiced the “RED” model in their personal and professional lives. One student designed a coffee mug as a reminder for her critical inquiry skills. She described how before taking the class she would just accept everything she read without thinking further about the larger issues. She described using her new coffee mug while she read the paper every day to remind her to think about what she was reading rather than passively accepting the information. Another student described setting a reminder on her cell phone that would encourage her to use the “RED” model at work. This student worked in a healthcare setting and was responsible for patient check-in. She was asked by her supervisor to redesign the office’s workflow. She shared with the class how she used the RED model in tackling this workplace problem.”


Students that attended Tamara VonGeorge’s CRIT:501 class were interviewed by Scott Hazard and were asked to discuss the “RED” model.

The model allows for a strong transfer of learning activities which moves the learning from the classroom to real world application.


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