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Courses at Granite State College are offered in a variety of formats: face-to-face (week days, weekends, intensives), hybrid, blended, online and as individualized learning contracts . Each method of course delivery lends itself to optimal course development strategies. How are they different? How can you leverage your course development and teaching experience into new methods of course delivery?

The purpose of this section of the Faculty Resource Center is to introduce you to the concepts and recommended practices that support effective course development in each of the course delivery modes we offer here at GSC.course delievry

Course development basics

 No matter what delivery format will be used for the course, some essentials of good course design remain constant. Courses are developed not from the point of view of presenting a mass of materials, but with a view toward helping students put their content-area learning into action and achieving expected outcomes. In addition to program-level outcomes, each course at Granite State College has a standard description and course-specific outcomes, known as a Course Guide, which is provided to faculty before they teach any given course. In the course design process, these outcomes are tied to authentic assessments, as well as engaging learning opportunities with opportunities for both collaboration and reflection.

Course Development Basics

Classroom courses at GSC

In the Classroom model, course instruction occurs face-to-face. Classes meet every week at one of our campus locations for face-to-face instruction between students and instructors, though online supplemental resources may also be used.

About Classroom Courses

Hybrid/Blended courses at GSC

 Hybrid course instruction occurs as a mixture of face-to-face and online interaction. Classes do not meet on campus every week; instead, they meet on campus during selected weeks of the term as determined by the instructor with approval from the academic administration.

Blended course instruction occurs as a blend of weekly face-to-face* and online interaction. Classes meet every week at one of our campus locations for face-to-face contact with students and instructors; the remainder of the instructional time is online.

*For EDU courses, the face-to-face interaction occurs at the field-site, and will include weekly face-to-face contact with supervisors.

About Hybrid/Blended Courses

Online courses at GSC

Course instruction (activities, lectures, lessons, discussion, and exercises) occurs completely online over the course of the term. There is no face-to-face requirement.

About Online Courses

Individualized Learning Contracts at GSC

Using the technology of the online environment, the College’s formal Individualized Studies program (the Individualized Studies major, Prior Learning Assessment, and contract learning) provides an evolving model that affords students a high degree of personalization and autonomy in how and what they learn. The primary characteristic of Independent Learning Contracts is that students define the area of academic inquiry and determine the learning objectives.

About Individualized Learning Contracts

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