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Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

I am using a General Discussions and Questions forum in my course so that any student can ask a question and anyone in the class can answer.  I want to keep track of this.  Is there anyway to be notified via my email?


Professor L. N. Skye

Ask Dr Tech Know





Dear Professor Skye:

You can subscribe to any forum. Here’s how.  First, go to the Activities block and select Forums:



You will see a list of all the forums in the course. You can subscribe to all forums using the link at the top right or you can choose which ones to subscribe to.



Once you subscribe to the forum you will get notified of new posts in your email. How this looks depends on how you have set your profile, specifically the Email digest type. There are three digest types –

  • a single email per forum post
  • a daily email with full posts
  • a daily email with subjects only

Best, Dr. Tech-Know

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