Giving feedback in the Gradebook

Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

When my students look at their graded assignment in the gradebook I wanted them to see a file which includes my comments, so I uploaded a file containing my comments for each student to the gradebook.  Now my students tell me they cannot see the files and I, myself, was not able to find these files in the gradebook. Did I do something wrong?


Mark Wright

Ask Dr Tech Know

 ANSWER: Dear Mark :


 I imagine that you added your files correctly. But just in case, here’s how to add a file with comments when grading an assignment:

To get to the submitted assignments click on a link to the assignments, from the Activities block or from the heading of a gradebook column.  As the instructor you should see a list of assignments. When you click on the assignment you want to check or provide feedback for, you can click on View/grade all submissions. You will get a page which shows all submitted assignments and allows you to grade them.

It will look something like this:



Here’s what you see when you click Grade:



Now, your students should be able to see their grade, your feedback, and any file(s) which you may have added.  BUT, you say, this is exactly what your students were unable to do.  Here’s why:

If you edit assignment grades directly in the gradebook, an “overridden” flag is set, meaning that the grade can no longer be edited from the assignment submission page, as described above AND files that you added previously may no longer appear.

Here’s what it means to edit assignment grades directly in the gradebook.  This is NOT recommended if you want to give Feedback comments, including files with feedback.

Go to the gradebook and turn editing on and you will see this:



Any grades with a peach background will no longer be able to be edited on  the Assignment Submission page. And, if feedback had already been given it may be lost.

Sorry there is not a simple solution for your problem.  You will have to send the feedback files to your students a different way, instead of through the gradebook, this time. I hope this helps for next time.




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