GSC Faculty Engaging Students with Rich Media, Fall 2013 Preview

This Fall 2013 term, Granite State College began a dedicated effort to work with GSC online instructors to integrate rich media into courses in collaboration with GSC’s Rich Media Specialist, Steve Covello, and the GSC Instructional Design team.  Rich media is interactive multi-media that is used to enhance the teaching and learning particularly through engagement. 

Here are a few examples of what faculty did in their courses:


Bevin Sheehan

Bevin Sheehan is using the built-in Kaltura Video Assignment feature for her HUMN560 Elementary Spanish course.  Students are instructed to record themselves speaking spanish and uploading their self-produced videos as a graded assignment.

Bevin is also using the Kaltura Video Resource feature to publish her own videos where she

models her spanish speaking for the class and provides guidance on assignments. Bevin also learned how to use Skype as a communication tool.

Chuck Bagley

Chuck Bagley

Chuck Bagley, in CRIT501 – Critical Inquiry, has utilized a variety of rich media in the newly redesigned Critical Inquiry course. The Instructional Design team included Elizabeth Dalton, Steve Covello, and Chuck as the lead instructor. Marilyn McGair is currently teaching the course.

  • YouTube Videos to lead students in Mindfulness self-awareness building activities that prepare learners for focusing on instruction. Plans are in place to produce our own set of Mindfulness videos to refine them more for the purposes of the course. 
  • An Information Search and Evaluation Guide that provides learners with webtools and online community pathways for seeking information to fulfill a term-length Learning Quest assignment.
  • A library of Internet, webtool, video, audio, popular media, and simulation multimedia resources (created from scratch by Elizabeth Dalton) for instructors to use at their discretion embedded into the course. Each resources includes a set of instructional prompts and configuration as a straight resources or as a ready-to-use learning activity. 

Barbara Kroll-Sinclair, in ENG555 – Children’s Literature, has been trying a few different resources and strategies:

  • barbara kroll-sinclair

    Barbara Kroll-Sinclair

    Using in an activity for “reviewing the reviews” published for student-selected books. This provided learners with access to critical conversations about the books studied in the course from aglobal community of participants.

  • Using the Twitter search engine for learners to discover information on certain course related terms from a realtime stream of Twitter contributors.

  • Uses for easy student 1-to-1 conference scheduling using a course sidebar widget.

Barbara also learned how to use to host a narrated PowerPoint slideshow, and plans to use it later in her course.

Julie Moser

Julie Moser

Julie Moser, in INST605 Teaching and Learning in Adulthood, learned to make self-recorded intro videos on her computer and publish them using the Kaltura Video Resource feature.

She is also using a Twitter widget in her course’s sidebar to display Adult Learning information from a realtime search-specific Twitter stream.

Julie already uses John Medina’s “Brain Rules” videos found here: as part of her course resources.


Liz Gaufrreau
(image taken from her course video trailer)

Liz Gauffreau, in CRIT502 – Connecting with Your Major, has been using a wide variety of instructional resources in her newly designed course. The Instructional Design team included Elizabeth Dalton, Steve Covello, and Liz as the lead instructor. Innovations in this course include:

  • Original video production with GSC’s videographer Scott Hazzard: faculty interviews, a scripted course video “movie trailer”, and interviews with practitioners – total of 16 original videos with more to come!

  • Six video Screencasts demonstrating how to find professional organizations and online forum communities where high quality discussions are taking place in learners’ major field of study.

  • Using third-party cloud-based Evernote application for collecting and organizing files, notes, artifacts, and online resources over the entire course of learners’ academic careers.

Responses from students have been so positive in the pedagogical use of her original video content that Liz has made plans to use a similar strategy in her Prior Learning Assessment course.

Dr. Donna Peters

Dr. Donna Peters

Donna Peters, a new online instructor for GSC teaching HLTC-550 – Emerging US Healthcare System, learned to make self-recorded intro videos on her computer and publish them using the Kaltura Video Resource feature.

She also learned to use to create audio narrated PowerPoint slideshows and has embedded them throughout her course.

Alan LaPenn, teaching CMPL518 – Visual Programming I and CMPL618 – Visual Programming II, inquired about a way to conduct live video webinars with his Visio programming students. We provided Alan with training to use Blackboard Collaborate, and is now offering students two live webinars each week.

Blackboard Collaborate will soon become an integrated tool within every Moodle course! So stay tuned for news about how to use it in your course too, whenever you want.


Sue Farris

Sue Farris
, in PSY615 – Psychology of Adulthood, learned to make self-recorded intro videos on her computer and publish them using the Kaltura Video Resource feature.

Sue is also using John Medina’s “Brain Rules” videos.

Are you are interested in learning more about how to use rich media in your course?

Contact Steve Covello, Rich Media Specialist through the  Instructional Design Support Request form. In the meantime, take a look at this one-sheet description of what happens when we work together to brainstorm and integrate new rich media ideas into your course: