GSC Student Team Ranks #1 in Glo-Bus Simulation Game

Mike Russell pictureLast week, Dr. Mike Russell, Senior Lecturer in Business Management, received some good news from Glo-Bus, an online business management simulation game.  One of the student teams in his Spring term online course, MGMT 650: Integrative in Strategic Management, had tied for first place in over all game scores.   Glo-Bus stated, “You should be quite proud of your students for such an excellent performance — a performance that reflects quite well on you and the caliber of instruction that students are receiving in your course.”

Glo-Bus is a web-based exercise where students run a digital camera company in head-to-head competition against companies run by student teams at colleges worldwide.  In this simulation, production occurs at the company’s plant in Taiwan and sales activities can be pursued in North America, Latin America, Europe-Africa, and Asia Pacific.  There are 8 market segments—4 geographic segments each for entry-level digital cameras and multi-featured cameras.  Student managers make 44 decisions each week (one year of operations) relating to camera design and performance, production operations and worker compensation, pricing and marketing, and the financing of company operations.  In addition, there is accounting and cost data to examine, export duties and exchange rate fluctuations to consider, and shareholder expectations to satisfy.

Dr. Russell, uses the Glo-Bus simulation in his classes to provide a real-world experience with applied learning that integrates students cumulative knowledge from all of the management courses all while giving the students a global perspective which is a valuable experience in today’s economy.  The Best Camera Corp team, which comprised of 4 GSC upper level management students was #1 out of 577 teams from 56 colleges/universities worldwide. He noted, “This is the highest score any GSC Glo-Bus team has ever scored! You will also see another GSC team (from another class) also ranked very high! Our students are really the best! I am very proud of them.”  For a summary of the scores, see:  Glo-Bus Stats.

GSC faculty member, Jay Berman, has also been using GloBus in his finance courses and he stated that the students do well with this simulation as well.  For more information about Glo-Bus, go to