How do I make images smaller in Moodle?

Dear Dr. Tech-Know:

I have added an image to a discussion forum and it is taking up so much room on the screen I’m afraid my students will not read the actual post!  How can I make my image smaller?

Imaginatively yours,

Dr. Art S. Phun

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Dear Dr. Phun,

Thanks for asking this question.

There are 2 things to consider about images – the display size and the actual size.

Changing the display size:

It’s usually easy to change the display size. Many applications, including Moodle, will display the image with handles around it in edit mode and you can change the display size by dragging the handles, as below.  To keep from skewing your image it’s best to drag using the handles on a corner when resizing.


Here is what the label looks like after re-sizing.



The important thing to note is that changing the display size does not change the actual size (amount of storage space needed) of the  image. That is, if the original image takes up  7 Mb of memory and normally would display across an entire screen the 7 Mb image is still the image that the user  (your students, for instance) would have to download in order to see the smaller displayed image. Using images which require a lot of memory slows down how the Moodle course performs.

It is better to re-size the image BEFORE you insert it into your Moodle course. Here’s some documentation on how to Manipulate Images. Basically, you will need some type of graphics program to re-size your image. Most computers come installed with a simple graphics program, for instance Paint.

 Best, Dr. Tech-Know

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