Module Overviews – Tips

Why Module Overviews?

As we continue to update all of the online and hybrid/blended courses, we have paid special attention to the module overviews in each section of every course. The module overview should provide a relevant and guiding introduction to the activities and expectations for the module. We encourage you to personalize these overviews, where appropriate, as a way of establishing your “voice” and presence in the course.

Some thoughts on Module Overviews:

Module Overviews should give students a context for the content of the module. You may want to tie the module to other modules, either past or future. You may want to show how the module ties into the readings, videos, web pages, current events, class projects. 

Try to catch the students’ attention, as you would in a face to face class. Show your presence!

  • You can tell a story or a joke.
  • Tie your statement into something happening in the news.
  • Refer back to previous modules or ahead to future modules.
  • List the learning objectives, or what the student should be able to do by the end of the module.

Sample Overviews from GSC faculty:

SOSC605 – Stress and the Family (Karin Allard)

MGMT566 – Organizational Behavior (Bob McPherson)

NUR603 – Nursing Care of Populations (Jeanne Hayes)

ENG620 – Multicultural Perspectives thru Literature (Kim Dougherty)

MGMT608 – Managing Diversity (Tamara von George)

MGMT660 – Integrative: Applied Studies Management (Kelly Chisholm) added 3/18/16

Ways to add an overview in Moodle

  • If your overview is short, use a label.
  • If your overview is long and will cause students to scroll too much then use a page.
  • You might also want to include an introductory video. Make sure it is no longer than 5-10 minutes long.

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