Reduce the size of your PowerPoint presentation file

Since we distribute our PPT slideshows through Moodle, we should try to keep its filesize to a minimum. This reduces both upload and download time for you and your students.

The bad news is that Microsoft has offered several different methods for achieving an optimal filesize as each version of PPT has evolved. This means that methods of reducing filesize won’t be available on all versions of PPT.

For PPT 2010 – Mac:

  • Make a copy of your original file and rename it.
  • Under the File menu, select “Reduce File Size”. It puts you into a simple dialog to select a picture quality – “Best for Display (150)” is just fine.
  • Keep the checkbox checked for “Remove cropped picture regions.
  • Click OK, then Save.

For PPT 2010 – Windows:

  • Make a copy of your original file and rename it.
  • In the File tab, select Save As.
  • Next to the “SAVE” button is a dropdown menu named Tools. Select “Compress Pictures”.
  • Choose the Screen 150 dpi option. Leave the “Delete cropped areas of pictures” checkbox checked.
  • Click OK, then Save.

Older versions: This article suggests that PPT 2007 – Windows includes the same Save As feature as described above (it’s at the bottom of the article).