Rich Media for Engaged Learning

One of the first things you will notice as you transition from teaching F2F to teaching online is how different the communication environment can be. 

There are many challenges in designing and developing a good online learning experience, but mastering the mode of online communication is certainly one of the most prominent. 

Rich Media are modes of communication with inherent advantages for conveying information, each able to serve a valuable role in teaching and learning online: engagement with a professional community of practice, practice with powerful Web tools, and multimedia to stimulate sensory experiences.

The following slideshow will introduce Rich Media: What is it? Why use it? What can it do?

We make the case here that Rich Media is an integral part of teaching and learning online, and not just a “spice” that you add to your course on top of your typical assignments. 

Rich Media open up your course’s boundaries so that students can be engaged with contemporary media, social communities of practice, and powerful Web tools. 

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