School of Education, Educator Toolkit  ~ 1st in the nation

by Dr. Mary Ford, Dean of the School of Education and Nicholas Marks, Associate Dean at the School of Education

Granite State College is the first in the nation to provide our students with the Educator Toolkit. The purpose of the toolkit is to help our teacher candidates understand and to meet the needs of the 21st century student within the 21st century learning environment, and to prepare them for the 21st century workplace.

There are many benefits to the toolkit, but the primary benefit is that it allows our students to develop the habits of mind for utilizing research in real time to meet the needs of their students. With this toolkit, our teacher candidates will have access to internet applications, to real research, and they will understand how to better meet the needs of their students that are before them in their classroom, in real time. The toolkit is designed to provide high quality field experience options for our teacher candidates.

An important part of this educator toolkit is that it is embedded across our curriculum and it teaches our students how to utilize technology, not only to improve their teaching but also to enhance the learning of their students. Devices are portable, rechargeable, and easily connected via USB. The devices have been selected to facilitate in the collection of data and organization of data via cloud-based storage through a number of different productivity applications. Cloud-based computing allows teacher candidates to access documents and files from any wifi connection point and provides a secure and reliable option for document storage.


Dr. Mary Ford, Dean of the School of Education shares exciting news about the Educator Toolkit.

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