Screencasting with Jing


Capture an image off of your computer screen to use instantly and share. Jing is a great tool for adding basic visual elements to all Read More…

Free photographs, images, and screen capture tools


Freebies ~ FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Picassa, Flickr, Google Images, Jing and Screenr

Create interactive images with Thinglink.com


Here’s is an amazing webtool for building an interactive still image without using Dreamweaver or manual HTML page building. Login to to thinglink.com – it’s Read More…

Free video creation and hosting tools


Video creation tools ~ Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, VLC Player, RealPlayer, Animoto, Vimeo, TeacherTube and YouTube

Free slideshow presentation creation and hosting tools


Freebies ~ FreeSlideShare, Prezi, VoiceThread and Second Life

What is embed code and how do I use it?


You may have heard the term “embed code” bandied about when people refer to publishing video into a course module or a blog post. Well, Read More…

ScheduleOnce: easy way to schedule meetings with students


Is wrangling a time to chat or meet with a student fraught with a lot of annoying back-and-forth emails and messages? Wish there was simpler Read More…