Teaching with Technology

Teaching with technology is more than just using digital gear or webtools in instruction. It is a commitment to viewing the learning environment as a place where technologies can extend one’s presence, enable and empower creativity, expand access to learning content, and form communities.

The purpose of this section of the Faculty Resource Center is to introduce you to the concepts and recommended practices that support effective teaching with technology, to feature some tools that have been proven to work well for instructors, and to outline how to use them in instructionally sound ways.


Why should I teach with technology?

A pencil is as much a technology as an eno board. So what’s the difference? Today, digital technologies have extended instructional strategies in ways we could not have imagined not long ago. Why not find out what it’s about?

The posts in the category below describe the rationale for using technology to engage students, promote active learning, and reach adult learners.

How it helps learning

What are my first steps?

If you are just getting started with teaching with technology, rest assured that you are not on your own. We are able to work with you in a variety of ways to help you become more involved with expanding your teaching strategies repertoire. We have self-paced documentation, workshops, and opportunities to work 1-on-1 with our Ed Tech team. Check out the posts below to get the latest information and documentation. You can use digital tools effectively even with a novice level of experience!

Training & Basic Resources

How can I go beyond the basics?

The Granite State College Educational Technology department is here to collaborate with faculty in discovering and testing new technologies, methods, and techniques for you to use in your teaching efforts. In the posts below, we suggest a variety of ways for you to expand your use of learning technologies at your own pace. 

The posts in the category below represent the work of our Instructional Design (ID) team and our Rich Media Specialist to research, present, and support tools you can use to get more involved with teaching with technology.

Beyond the basics

How can I connect with others who are using educational technology?

There’s nothing better than learning from a peer who is successful. Why not connect with our community of GSC faculty? We also offer contacts with the wider communities of faculty exploring educational technologies. Click here to find out more.

Connect With the Teaching Community


The Granite State College Educational Technology Department provides leadership in evaluating, implementing and promoting effective and innovative educational technologies and methodologies that support excellence in teaching and learning.

To do this we:

  • Work collaboratively with faculty to develop and deploy rich and engaging content that promotes active learning.
  • Conduct research and experimentation resulting in recommendations that support the sustainable growth of online and hybrid instruction.
  • Optimize GSC’s online teaching and learning environment.
  • Participate in continuous improvement initiatives in course development and delivery.
  • Provide educational technology-based training, support and resources to the GSC community.
  • Foster communication among our constituencies that promotes a culture of innovation.
  • Actively participate in the educational technology and instructional design communities of practice.

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