ScheduleOnce: easy way to schedule meetings with students

schedule once logoIs wrangling a time to chat or meet with a student fraught with a lot of annoying back-and-forth emails and messages? Wish there was simpler way for this to happen? Enter: UPDATE: we had previously recommended as the scheduler of choice but, alas, they have ceased to exist. A quick Google search for online schedule applications will find a number of alternatives to choose from, but has the most characteristics that are similar to 

ScheduleOnce is a free web-based scheduling program that allows you to setup a weekly template of your availability, and then set daily blocks by whatever interval you wish (15 minutes, 1hour, etc.). You setup your weekly/daily availability, then students select their desired block of time to meet with you. Then ScheduelOnce notifies you by email that someone wants that time. You can even sync your Outlook calendar to it. Blimey! There’s even a widget you can use in your Moodle course!!

Take a look at the gallery below that shows how the process works:

[nggallery id=16 ]

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