Use Doodle to schedule a meeting

Doodle is a very easy to use scheduling tool and a great place to schedule meetings, business events, and reunions.  It is a simple way to invite a group via email to a special school event, class session or a get together.

Instructions on using Doodle to schedule a meeting:

  1. Go to to schedule your event. You don’t need to have an account, but you can set your own up so you can track your RSVPs to your event or meeting.
  2. Fill in the title of your meeting, a short description if needed, your name and email. Hit next and pick a date for your event. Hit next and add the time and other information, such as the room number, lunch included or draft agenda.
  3. Hit next and add options if you feel they are necessary. You can keep your RSVP to the poll hidden. Finally you can have Doodle sent out the invites for you or get the link and send them out yourself. This is a great tool for companies with multiple locations and separate email address for scheduling meetings and events or to contact different people for one event, including reunions.

Doodle is an event scheduling and organizing website that lets you not only schedule events with other Doodle users, but connect to your Google, Outlook, Exchange, Lotus, iCal and Yahoo accounts.  Once Doodle is connected with Google, your Google calendar events appear directly on the Doodle website, allowing you to manage both calendars in one place. Connecting Google and Doodle can be done directly through the Doodle website.

Instructions to connect Doodle to your Google calendar:

  1. Open a Web browser, and navigate to  Click the “Connect Calendars” link, followed by the “Connect with Google” link.
  2. Click the “Connect Now” button, type your Doodle account email address and password in the spaces provided and click the “Log In” button to log into your Doodle account.
  3. Click the “Connect” button beneath the “Connect New Google Account” heading.
  4. Type your Google account email and password in the spaces provided, and click the “Sign In” button to sign into your Google account.
  5. Click the “Grant Access” button to grant Doodle access to your Google calendar. Now, your Google calendar and contacts will be synced with your Doodle calendar.

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