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When I make my Jing videos, I upload my SWF files into my course. But when I display it in my course, the video appears cutoff. How do I fix that?

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First, it is generally not good for the Moodle server to be streaming video of any kind, so let’s start by suggesting that you not upload videos as files, even if you are able to do so. The better methods are to embed the video using embed code, or link out to it so it can play at another location.

Now then – Jing software offers you two ways to output your video: (1) as a freestanding SWF file (Flash video), or (2) as a video published on

The problem with using method #1 is that Moodle automatically scales SWF files to a set dimension no matter what, which may cutoff some of your media. This cannot be changed without some fancy HTML code hacking, and we don’t want to stream the video off of the Moodle server anyway. So you are better off going with method #2. 

Creating and publishing your video:

  1. Create your Jing video as you normally would.
  2. When you are done, click on the Share via button. It will automatically upload your video to
  3. You will then see an alert message telling you that your link URL is copied into your clipboard.
  4. Open your course, locate the module where you want the video to appear, edit the module.
  5. Type in some text, like “Watch my screencast here” and then select the text to make it a hotlink.
  6. Click on the Link tool in the formatting palette and paste the URL into it. Select the link to open in a new window/tab.
  7. Save.
When clicked, the link will load a new window/tab with just your video in it. It is a private URL so no one but you and your students will have access to it.

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