Using to screenshare 1-to-1 or with groups of students

You have probably heard about Internet-based communication tools like Skype, Google+, or iChat. Each of these applications offers 1-to-1 or 1-to-many audio/video chat capabilities, and the ability to screenshare (showing your computer screen as the video feed to other participants).

But seems to have taken it a step further in its simplicity. Instead of downloading an application or plugin, all you need is an email address. This is great tool for maintaining a teaching presence with your students without having to provide extensive documentation on using Skype to new users. There is nothing for users to install, and there are are only a handful of onscreen buttons to use for controlling what happens.

Here’s what the free version of can do:

  • internet calling
  • screen sharing
  • 250 viewers
  • share control
  • multi-monitor
  • chat
  • send files
  • viewer: iPad/iPhone or Android

Here is their demo video that gives you a good sense of what it does for the free version, and for the pro upgrade.

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