Free video creation and hosting tools

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 ~ you can create, edit, and share your movies via the Web, e-mail, or DVD/CD.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder ~ is easy to use, but produces only FLV video files. This is fine, but you will also need VLC Player to play the video on your computer. VLC Player plays just about any media format.

VLC Player ~ a universal media player that also has the ability to use your webcam and microphone to record a video.

RealPlayer ~ a popular video player compatibility across a mobile phones and portable devices. RealPlayer® plays a wide variety of audio and video such as AVI, MP3 audio player or an MP4 video player.

Animoto ~ turn your photos, video clips, and music into a video.

Vimeo ~ a video sharing site.

TeacherTube ~ an educational video sharing site.

YouTube ~ a video sharing tool.

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